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Il sottomarino corsaro

Il sottomarino corsaro is an Italian made Mandrake story from 1962  printed only once, in I Classici dell’Avventura # 21.

The story is made using a collage technique, based on an already existing war comic, possible made by Tullo Palasciano.

The original story was edited a bit where the artist cut out parts of foreground pictures he wanted to work with and glued them onto cardboards.

He then looked through Mandrake stories by Phil Davis, cut out figures or parts of figures he wanted and glued them onto the cardboards.

Next the artist added the panel borders, captions and speech balloons. He added missing ink on the foreground pictures and added shading and background.

After the lettering the artist now had a “new” Mandrake story.


The original story have 5 pages in color and 5 pages in b/w. I removed the colors, edited the inking a bit and added new coloring.

Based on the english translation, made by my friend Alain, I rewrote the story.

Download: The Submarine Pirates